Online Therapy: Instructions

How Do I Register as a New User?

Click here to register

  • Complete all fields on the registration page.
  • Notes:
    • Email address provided will become log in user name.
    • Password provided will become log in password and must be 7 characters or more.
    • User must check “I understand and accept the Privacy Policy. Terms of Use, Informed Consent and HIPAA Statement at bottom of screen.

  • Click Finish button to submit registration information.
  • Patient sign up window will display, instructing user to verify the email address by going to their email account, opening the email, and clicking on the confirmation link. This step must be completed.
  • Click on the registration link in the email sent by
  • Window will display thanking the user for confirming the email address. Also in this window you will be able to log into your account by clicking on the Click Here link.
  • Log in to your account using the username (email address) and password created at registration.

How Do I Request Service for the 1st Time?

  • After logging into your account, click on the My Account icon.

  • Click on the Purchase Consultations icon.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to select Product.

  • Enter Credit Card Type (Master Card or Visa).
  • Enter Credit Card number.
  • Enter CVV number (3 digit number on the back of the credit card).
  • Enter expiration date of credit card.
  • Click the Buy Now button.
  • Customer will receive an email acknowledging the purchase.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

  • Click the Appointments icon or the Make an Appointment link.

  • Calendar will display defaulting to the current date.
  • Select a date on the calendar to determine if a provider is available to provide services on that day. If a provider is available on the date you have chosen, the available times will be listed…if not, choose another day.

**Please note: If you do not see an appointment date/time that works with your schedule, please call 1.800.288.5912 and our staff will set up your appointment based upon your availability.

  • Select the time slot for your appointment by clicking on the available time for the provider you have chosen.
  • An appointment confirmation window will display requesting the customer to confirm the appointment. The customer must choose a consultation method (video or phone) by clicking on the appropriate icon. Click the Make an Appointment button.

  • Window will display acknowledging a successful scheduled consultation. Customer will have the opportunity to tell the provider why they are making the appointment if desired – click once the explanation is entered.
  • Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of a consultation for a refund.
  • Customer will receive an email confirming the appointment..

How Do I Connect to my Appointment?

  • Click the START CONSULATION button when ready to begin. The software will load the audio/video portion of the appointment. If your provider’s video is not displaying please wait for him/her to join you.  Below is an example of what your screen will look like once both your and therapist session begins.

  • When your appointment has ended, your provider will end the session, however you will need to close out of the video session and website.

After I Register, How Do I Login?

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