Emotions That May Arise Following the Naplate-Ottawa Storms...

It is possible that now that the initial clean up from the Naplate-Ottawa tornado is over emotions can come to the surface that were buried under “busy-ness”.  It is normal and expected that adults, children and even pets can experience negative feelings.  Some of these could be anxiety, anger, guilt,  forgetfulness, sadness, poor sleep, nightmares, not enjoying anything in life, feeling disconnected or detached from others.  School and work can seem unimportant.  Even people who were not directly in the storm can experience these feelings when someone they love was impacted by the storm.  

What to do:
1.  Talk - When these feelings begin remember that you can cope with them by talking about the event.  Find a friend who is able to listen to your story.  The more you discuss the tornado and how it impacted you, the less “power” the event has over your emotions.  Talk about all of the details; these are important because the smallest detail can trigger a memory and negative feelings.  Talk about what you would have done differently. 

2.  Write - Keep a journal.  It is a great way to begin to have control over your emotions. 

3.  Draw - Children can draw pictures if they are not able to put their story into words. 

4.  Go to church – recognize that this is a spiritual loss for you as well.  Rebuild your trust in God

5.  Professional help is available – contact us for more information

Recognize that you have a “new normal” that includes surviving this storm.  




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