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Life is a balancing act.

Everyone can identify a point in their life when they became overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, depression or addiction. Even if these symptoms disappear, the underlying problems often don’t. Confidential, expert counseling from NCBHS can provide you with the tools to know yourself better and restore lasting balance in your life.

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on Nov 10 2013

Watch Healthy Living: How Our Lifestyles Impact Our Behavior Webinar

What comes to mind when you think of taking risks with your health – driving recklessly, or maybe abusing alcohol or illegal drugs? Those behaviors are very risky but many people have less dramatic behaviors that are just as dangerous in the long run. Tobacco use, unbalanced nutrition and a lack of physical activity are some of the key risk factors for the most common causes of death.

The top 10 causes of death include:

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Apr 1 2014

Think you may be struggling with a mental or emotional health or wellness issue or that you may need to see a mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment?  Try taking our free online screening!

The types of screenings offered include: 

NCBHS in the News

LaSalle, IL (July 2013)- In January of this year, President Obama called for the Mental Health First Aid training program, to help teachers and students recognize the signs of mental health disorders in young people and to assist in getting them the appropriate care. 

As one of the first providers of the adult version of Mental Health First Aid in Illinois, North Central Behavioral Health Systems has successfully been providing MHFA trainings since 2008.  Just this past month, NCBHS staff attended a training to become certified to teach the new Mental Health First Aid for Youth.    

The youth version of Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based training program to help individuals identify mental health problems among young people ages 12-25, connect them with the care they need and safely deescalate any crisis situations.

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