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Life is a balancing act.

Everyone can identify a point in their life when they became overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, depression or addiction. Even if these symptoms disappear, the underlying problems often don’t. Confidential, expert counseling from NCBHS can provide you with the tools to know yourself better and restore lasting balance in your life.

Special Announcements

A structured, group support session will be led by therapists on April 27, 2017 for any individuals with ongoing stress or anxiety, following the Naplate/Ottawa Storms. 
The free session will begin at 6:00 p.m. Thursday in Meeting Room 4 at OSF Saint Elizabeth, 1100 E. Norris Drive, Ottawa, IL.

It is possible that now that the initial clean up from the Naplate-Ottawa tornado is over emotions can come to the surface that were buried under “busy-ness”.  It is normal and expected that adults, children and even pets can experience negative feelings.  Some of these could be anxiety, anger, guilt,  forgetfulness, sadness, poor sleep, nightmares, not enjoying anything in life, feeling disconnected or detached from others.  School and work can seem unimportant.  Even pe

From a Therapist

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Submitted by Sarah Morscheiser
on Apr 25 2017

1 in 4 school aged children have experienced a traumatic event. Childhood trauma is defined as a single event or prolonged exposure to traumatic experiences that overwhelm a child’s ability to cope. (National Child Trauma Stress Network, 2008.)

Examples of traumatic experiences include:

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Submitted by Jamie Taylor
on Dec 9 2014

Define stress: According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), stress is defined as the brain’s response to a demand.

Our Body’s Response to Stress: Each individual responds to stress differently. Some common responses include: digestive issues, headaches, feelings of sadness, feeling lethargic, irritability and difficulty sleeping.

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