Change in Your Mood Could Be Seasonal

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What are the signs and symptoms of SAD?

Sarah Morscheiser, a clinician with North CentralBehavioral Health Systems says people with SAD report feeling depressed and having low energy. They may notice changes in their daily functioning such as irritability or hypersensitivity to stressful situations, along with tiredness, oversleeping or weight gain.

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Diane Farrell Talks About Symptoms of Depression

AM1220 WLPO News

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Diane Farrell spoke with AM1220 WLPO Jennifer Nagle about the symptoms of depression, following the tragic death of Robin Williams.

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Many Seeking Healthcare Benefits

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A law as massive as the ACA won’t be without a few “wrinkles,” said John Reinert, director of service planning and development for North Central Behavioral Health Systems in La Salle.

But those wrinkles aren’t enough to disguise a program that already is helping the uninsured and the underinsured, he said.

Earlier changes in the law enacted parity in mental health and substance abuse services covered by insurance plans. Reinert said if a plan offers mental health coverage, then it must be at the same rate as coverage for other medical services.

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NCBHS Employees Certified to Teach Youth MHFA in Illinois

LaSalle, IL (July 2013)- In January of this year, President Obama called for the Mental Health First Aid training program, to help teachers and students recognize the signs of mental health disorders in young people and to assist in getting them the appropriate care. 

Mental health awareness priority for local provider

The Ottawa Times

Mental health is a growing social issue, and one service provider is hoping to educate the public about the potential of successful treatment.

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Taking Mental Health Seriously

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Although not as easily treated as a cold or readily diagnosed as a broken bone, mental health illnesses can be as disruptive and painful as many other diseases.

“You can’t just fix it with a pill. So much of it is behavioral,” said John Reinert, director of service planning and development at North Central Behavioral Health Systems

With next week as Mental Health Awareness Week, local mental health professionals are hoping more people take mental health seriously and understand that it is a disease.

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Health Directions Launches New Website for Community Education & Outreach Program


LaSalle, IL (January 2012)-North Central Behavioral Health Systems, a nonprofit provider of mental health and substance use services in Central and North Central Illinois, announces the launch of its Health Directions Emotional Health and Wellness website.

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Illinois agency achieves multiple goals as it grows telehealth offerings

Mental Health Weekly

A telehealth initiative that began as an effort to improve access to care for some rural residents served by North Central Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. in Illinois, has evolved into meeting numerous other goals for the community mental health organization and its clients.

Mental health counseling available online now


If you need mental health counseling but you can’t visit a therapist in person, there’s an online option now. North Central Behavioral Health Systems is offering it through its Health Directions Division. Director Roger Miskell says you can see the same therapists via web cam and get the same treatment as you would face to face.

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Technology's new role in mental health care


An estimated one in four adults could be diagnosed with a mental health issue. Sometimes they’re related to anxiety, stress, marital issues, depression or substance use. Most go untreated, in part due to the stigma of admitting problems.

A new counseling tool now in use at Health Directions in La Salle may change that.

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