Divorce is never an easy solution for a marriage. By the time a couple gets to the point where they’ve made a decision to pursue dissolving their relationship, communication has broken down, and feelings of fondness give way to harsh criticism, defensiveness, feelings of contempt and eventually stonewalling, once these behaviors begin to play out it can be hard to see a way back to being  emotionally connected and happy. However, there are ways people can rebuild their relationship and explore whether their marriage is worth saving. It will take some effort but both partners need to refocus their attention on their core values, rather than trying to resolve daily conflicts. Turning toward each other in times of stress and validating feeling is often the first step in improving communication, allowing your spouse to influence you is the quickest way to regain respect and admiration. Couples who make a conscience effort to know each other’s common interests, likes and dislikes are more likely to be successful at this another  step toward improving communication is being mindful of tone and words they chose to use during a dispute. A solvable problem can turn into gridlock if there is no compromise or emotions become flooded. All too often many marriages fail because couples are unable to find their way back from hurt feelings and thoughts of unfairness. This imbalance in thinking can seem impossible to overcome, however, with support and professional guidance a marriage can be saved.